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Marca RRBI

Now, you can start your career as an interpreter at any time. My INTERPRETERS’ ACADEMY course is open for enrollment indefinitely, so you can enroll at any time of the year that is most convenient for your schedule.

There are over 60 hours teaching a method based on current interpreting theories and also on all my experience over the last 10 years as an interpreter.

The course will debunk several myths you've been told about this profession and help you overcome your fear of stepping into the booth, knowing how to handle the adrenaline rush we feel at each interpreting event.

This is a great opportunity to enter the world of Interpretation.

There are over 60 hours of teaching a method based on current interpreting theories, all my experience over the last 10 years as an interpreter, and 10 bonus classes.

And the best part: it's all LIFETIME! 🔥


With over 120 students worldwide, Interpreters' Academy is always open to welcome new people.

There are 60 hours + 10 bonus classes with partners + Exclusive community for students and interpreters + Internship in Deliberate Practice of Interpretation.



Have you taken any interpreting courses?
(with a completion certificate)


Take the Galera da Adrenaline Junkies Supervised Internship now.


Click on the button below to take the opportunity:

To be a professional interpreter, you need to have much more than technique; you need to know about the market, take care of your physical and psychological health, learn how to manage your finances, dress the character that is the speaker, and do your personal marketing, among many other things.

At Interpreters' Academy, you have all of this in one place along with our partners.

What scenario do you envision for yourself in 5 years? You need to start now to achieve it.


Secure your entry by clicking the buttons below.

* Completing an interpreting course (with a completion certificate) beforehand is mandatory for participating in the internship.

Become a Professional Interpreter, work from home, and earn in dollars.

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