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Breaking Language Barriers

Through efficient and accurate translations, we can shorten the communication between organizations and their clients; with us, everyone shares a common language.


In simultaneous interpretation, interpreters use soundproof booths to focus on clear and precise communication. These booths provide acoustic isolation, allowing interpreters to concentrate on the speech and render it into the opposite language.

Simultaneous Interpreting in a Booth

In whispered interpretation, or chuchotage, the interpreter whispers the translation of the speech directly into the listener's ear, without the use of soundproof booths or portable equipment. This technique is ideal when there are only one or two listeners present.

Whispered Interpretation

In accompanying interpretation, an interpreter accompanies a group during a visit to a fair or factory, for example. The interpreter translates the information provided by the guide to the moving participants, ensuring that everyone fully understands the content of the visit using mobile equipment (transmitter) for radio receivers.

Accompanying Interpretation With Mobile Equipment



In consecutive interpretation, the speaker talks for up to five minutes in their native language. Then, the interpreter translates the content into the desired language. This technique is recommended for situations with less than an hour of speech and does not require the use of equipment.

Consecutive Interpretation

We transform language barriers into global connections.

We stand out for the professionalism of our team, which is dedicated to providing high-quality translation services. We believe in the importance of delivering accurate and reliable results and meeting each client's specific expectations and needs.


Explore our services and discover how we can take your communication to the next level.

Events on platforms like KUDO, Zoom, WebEx, MS Teams, among others with virtual interpretation booths for simultaneous or consecutive interpretation.

Interpretation at Remote Events (RSI, OPI, and VRI)

Other Services

Does your company lack platforms with virtual booths and struggle to manage international events? We have a team that delivers corporate lectures teaching your company how to internationalize and also provides training for different sectors of your company, teaching the basics of these new technologies.

Corporate Lectures

Interpreters' Academy

It consists of over 60 hours of teaching a method based on the currently known theories of interpretation and all my experience over these 10 years as an interpreter.

The course will dispel the many lies you've been told about this profession and help you overcome your fear of getting into the booth by teaching you how to deal with the adrenaline rush we feel at every event we interpret.

Adrenaline Junkies Supervised Internship

To be a professional interpreter, you need much more than just technique. You need to understand the market, take care of your physical and mental health, manage your finances, embody the speaker's persona, and market yourself effectively, among many other things.

Travel interpretation with mobile equipment similar to tour guides', the interpreter provides simultaneous interpretation while the speaker and listeners use headphone receivers. Another option is equipment-free accompanying interpretation, but in this case, listeners need to hear the message twice, first in the original language and then again in the interpreted language following the original.

Escort Interpretation with Portable Devices

In addition to interpretation services themselves, we also provide coordination for this entire aspect of your event, so the client doesn't have to worry about renting equipment or finding suitable professionals for each topic covered in each type of event.

Interpretation Team Coordination

Interpreting services for media channels, such as YouTube channels aiming for internationalization, Instagram live broadcasts that can be transmitted in multiple languages, and interview programs in recording studios.

Interpreting for TV, Radio, Podcasts


Tuve la oportunidad de contar con el apoyo de Raquel Ilha como traductora español-inglés-español,traducción simultánea, durante varias reuniones de trabajo entre las delegaciones de los Países Miembros de la Organización del Tratado de Cooperación Amazónica (SP/OTCA). Estas traducciones estuvieron relacionados a temáticas técnicas-políticas de mucho interés para los países. Por los excelentes resultados y por los motivos antes mencionados puedo recomendar el trabajo de Raquel Ilha.

Antonio Matamoros

Raquel Ilha é uma excelente profissional, trabalhou comigo fazendo um trabalho impecável na interpretação simultânea e tradução dos meus vídeos para o evento da Embaixada da Índia e para os vídeos do youtube da Nova Acrópole Brasil e AcópolePlay. Recomendo.

Lúcia Helena

I worked a long time with Raquel in an organization that helps in the development of people's self-knowledge, so that they can live better individually and in society. She likes to work, has a natural joy that brings people together with her and likes to face challenges. She also has a lot of communication skills and an entrepreneurial soul. I highly recommend Raquel for the jobs she applies.

Paulo Lustosa

Uma ótima profissional, que transforma qualquer ambiente em um lugar leve e gostoso para se trabalhar. Sempre atenta às novidades do mercado, atualizada não só como intérprete mas com um conjunto de informações de tecnologia e de marketing.

Agora como professora e mentora de novos profissionais do mercado, está expandindo horizontes e dando oportunidade da profissão ser mais conhecida.

Obrigada por fazer parte da história da Bié Tradução!

Aline Bié

I had a most pleasant and rewarding experience with Ms Ilha while attending a major conference in Brasilia. she provided instantaneous interpretation to me and also translated documents there. She was also instrumental in making connections for me with her superior language skills and a good comprehension of interpersonal professional dynamics. I highly recommend her work for a surely satisfying experience.

Andrew Bata

Raquel recently provided a live translation from English to Portuguese/Brazilian for a Keynote presentation I gave at an international conference to mark the opening of the General Villas Boas Institute in Brasilia. She also provided me with a live presentation of the other speakers' presentations into English, too. I was extremely impressed by her professionalism, preparation, background research and, of course, the quality of her translation both from English to Portuguese/Brazilian and from Portuguese/Brazilian to English. I have no hesitation in recommending her very highly indeed.

Mick Donegan

Raquel is an outstanding professional. Not because we have the same name, but due to her sharp knowledge of the English and Portuguese language. She advised me with the translation of my company’ motto and only someone who understands very well the Brazilian culture could have done that. Thanks xará!

Raquel Serôa

A Raquel trabalhou em vários eventos da Blende Academy como intérprete simultânea de maquiadores renomados como o Paul Merchant e o Gervasio Larrivey da marca de maquiagem para cinema e efeitos especiais Kryolan e o Samer Khouzami, evento que contou com mais de 700 participantes em 2019. Neste ano, contamos novamente com o seu serviço de interpretação simultânea, porém como estamos em um contexto inédito de pandemia, ela forneceu seu serviço de interpretação simultânea remota das lives da Dra. Mariana Correa no Instagram...

Miguel Pierre

Main Clients

Mission, Vision and Values


To connect our clients with the most suitable experts for their needs and goals.


To enhance the efficiency of simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services by generating, disseminating, and applying innovation and dynamism in our delivery, bringing solutions to our clients' problems quickly and easily.


Ethics, innovation, respect, transparency, and social inclusion.

Accuracy and Efficiency in the Services Provided

From first contact to efficient communication

Our careful and structured approach ensures that each stage of the translation and interpretation process is carried out precisely. Our dedication to quality is unwavering from the initial consultation to the final delivery.

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